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The "Luxu globus"
The "Luxu globus"
The "Luxu globus"

The "Luxu globus"

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The “Luxu Globus” hemp wick dispenser allow the cannasseur to have a elevated smoking experience, minus the frustration of tangled, dusty, and wasted wick. Adapted to suit the lifestyle of influential smoker, the Luxu Globus allows smokers to elevate their sessions from habit to a luxury ritual.

One handed use design
Auto-extinguishing metal cone
Quality glass bottle
Natural cork stopper

The Luxu Globus is the best hemp wick dispenser on the market, not only because of its quality and the control it provides, but also because of our patent pending design for function. The Luxus Globus’ grants you peace of mind knowing that your wick can and will extinguish itself if left burning. Additionally, the Luxu Globus stores more hemp wick than any other hemp wick dispenser, and it is assembled in the U.S.A. by actual people with domestic and imported materials.


*Hemp wick NOT included

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