Who's "Got Hemp Wick"?



Got Hemp Wick** had it’s humble beginnings as a simple question from a friend during a smoke session;

"Hey, you got hemp wick?"

"I don’t, I have a lighter. What's hemp wick?"

“Well, it’s the next step in elevating your smoking experience.”

The friend went on to explain how using a lighter, which is convenient for sure, prevented me from fully experiencing all the tastes that smoking had to offer.

And so began the transformation that turned into a ritual of experience to be savored and repeated.


“Well, it’s the next step in elevating your smoking experience.”

The friend went on to explain how using a lighter which is convenient for sure, it prevented me from fully experiencing all the tastes to savor smoking had to offer.


It turned out that butane has the potential to ignite it at temperatures thatcould  instantly incinerate the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.
Meaning you’re burning off the parts you paid good money for, leaving you "burnt" instead of a "baked".

"Try it exclusively for a little while, I know it's frustrating to use but the taste is worth it."

Doubtful that some string could make that big of a difference in my smoking experience the friend hit me where I couldn't deny the logic in trying it.

"how often do you cash a bowl and kill the flame just by inhaling?"

"All the time, why?"

"You’re still probably holding down the lighter for a second or more right?"

"Uhh.. I never thought about it. Yeah I probably do."

"You know that means you probably just took a nice big huff of butane with your hit of medicine."

*Jaw meet floor*

I never even considered that before... Here I was smoking medicine to heal and following it with a chaser of cancer.

Come to find out there are some pretty nasty effects on living bodies from inhaling butane (even "accidentally". Check out this article citing the National Advisory Committee for Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Hazardous Substances to learn a bit more for yourself. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK201460/)

After a few sessions using the hemp wick I visited another friend and sparked a bowl with a lighter directly.

*Cough Gag Choke Cough more*

Well... I had to admit it, they were right. 
The flavors were gone, incinerated, all that I could taste was a mouth full of what I could describe as char broiled daemon farts.

I couldn't take a second hit with the lighter alone, I looked up at my friend and said "Got hemp wick?"

To which they replied "Whats hemp wick?:

Now after a few months of monogamous commitment to the new love of my smoking life I couldn't deny that the honeymoon was over, this burning string wasn't the safest thing to use, especially if it didn't get put out properly.

Eventually the "Global Hemp Wick Dispenser" was born.

A table top design that allowed for one handed use AND put itself out.
Finally a frustration free way to use hemp wick!

Except the more and more my friends and I began to use it we realized how not only did using hemp wick elevate our experience, the dispenser did as well.

The way the round glass fit perfectly into the palm of your hand.
The control over the flame for precision corner of that perfectly packed bowl.
How it kept the wick cherry elevated safely away from the table.

Smoking changed for us, it grew from just a habit to a ritual.
Savoring all the flavors.
Savoring my time.
Savoring life.

So now whenever anyone asks if I've "Got hemp wick?" I know they're asking me more than if I only have some string.