Copy of What's hemp wick?

You’ve likely never heard of even half of the many different do’s and don’ts when it comes to lighting up to smoke.

A particular subject that is often ignored or even scoffed by many smokers is what to use to create the flame.

Lighting is one of the most important rituals when it comes to smoking. Laced with folklore and protocol, the act can be confusing to some and a requirement to others.

Ever since man became influenced by fire it has been important to have the proper tools for creating a healthy flame.

If you’re new to smoking or already a smoking connoisseur, hemp wick can elevate your smoking experience by bringing out the best in your smoking products.

However, even if you don’t care much for etiquette, improper lighting can risk not only the flavor of your smoke but your own health. It’s important to be understand how knowledge to choose your smoking accessories wisely.