When it comes to hemp wick there are people who just “get it”. They don’t need long explanations as to why they should use it, they just know they want to.  Quite often they are already converts and are preaching all the reasons why smoking with hemp wick elevated and enhances their smoking experience. 

It’s well know that most people won’t try something new until someone else has first. 

We count on you, the innovators, the early adopters, the ones who care about hemp wick and everything it is used for and represents. You’re the beginning of a a movement away from habitually smoking and elevating it to a moment you savor. Share your experience with hemp wick and our dispensers. Your words will help others “get it”. Has the “Global Hemp wick Dispenser” or a specific brand of hemp wick changed how you smoke forever?

Tell us your story in a review of your favorite hemp wick product or accessory in our store.